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provides a fresh, expert look at your brand communications, and what resources you need to deliver them. Because Maggi Beckstoffer has focused on ROI for over 25 years, she is uniquely capable of ensuring your communications needs are met without wasting your marketing dollars.


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Different from the other guys.

Since founding MBM Marketing in 1999, I have seen so many corporations and non-profit organizations struggle to determine what marketing efforts will work for them, and what kind of resources they need to implement those efforts. They’ve wasted time, energy, and money they couldn’t afford, and that makes me angry.

I don’t believe marketing communications has to be a constant struggle.

I studied direct marketing in the late 1980’s and have been focused on ROI ever since. It is my passion to ensure that organizations are getting the most impact for their marketing dollars. I am dedicated to making sure organizations are working with the right agency and internal resources, ensuring efforts are maximized to your culture and operations.

Marketing doesn’t have to be secret society or unmeasurable voodoo. It should be mutually beneficial for clients and agencies – and it can be, when the right match is made.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you think through your business model and deliver smart marketing solutions, let’s talk.

And by the way, I’m almost as passionate about art as I am about marketing. The featured work on the site is from the MBM collection and is primarily by local Richmond artists. Want to see my collection? Give me a call!