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At MBM, we’ve always operated more like a democracy than an oligarchy, plutocracy or monarchy (although I woudn’t mind be referred to as “Your Highness”). But I’ve had a bit of a revelation lately.

We’ve been deciding on new flooring and office furniture for the reception area and front rooms. There are so many options, and I’ve never been great at decorating or color selection. In fact, I think Megan would just as soon be an interior designer as a marketing professional. Kelly also has specific thoughts and color choices that are always “so Kelly!” And God bless Courtney, her selection is always fiscally-based.

It turns out that perhaps I am a bit more of a princess (maybe not a Queen just yet) and have specific ideas of what I ultimately want. I want to get everyone’s opinion, and am prepared to be swayed by what the rest of my teammates agree on. At least that’s what I thought. Megan and Kelly selected about 20 carpet samples (to compliment the ceramic tile we fiscally-selected) and the 3 of us narrowed them down to 4 options. I tried and tried but couldn’t come to grips with 2 of the selections (Megan’s & Kelly’s). I didn’t say so outright, but I don’t have much of a poker-face either. Courtney didn’t like one of my selections. So we ended up choosing the only one I ever really wanted.

But did “we” really make the selection? Or did everyone else realize that I had made up my mind and was just going to wait it out until they changed their minds to my choice? Am I a passive-aggressive monarch or the leader of democracy? Or perhaps MBM is more of a benevolent dictatorship? We’re now looking at furniture options so perhaps the true nature of our political structure will reveal itself shortly.

In the meantime,
I remain your most imperial and humble servant,

Maggi B (aka Princess Margaret)

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