MBM Marketing

provides a fresh, expert look at your brand communications, and what resources you need to deliver them. Because Maggi Beckstoffer has focused on ROI for over 25 years, she is uniquely capable of ensuring your communications needs are met without wasting your marketing dollars.


Strategic Consulting

Marketing Planning

Brand Discovery

Creative Design & Implementation

Training & Development

Direct Mail

A unified, goal-oriented staff is a happy staff. Whether your organization is just budding or overgrown, I can develop and implement effective staff training and internal incentive programs to motivate and engage your team. When your staff knows the valued role they play in the success of your organization, things will run smoothly and more efficiently. And a business in order can have a big impact.

I have experience with:

  • Staff training
  • Internal incentive programs
  • Motivational materials and events

See our Portfolio for examples of our creative work.